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Provide a high-quality alternative, natural and free of chemicals to our customers. We do not skimp on the selection of the best ingredients for the preparation of a therapeutic grade craft product that serves to improve the health and wellbeing of our customers.

Health Recup Staff

Our History

“We are nature and it provides us with the remedies to attend, maintain, and / or restore our health …”

In today’s world it is a challenge to maintain the balance of good health; quality of life is affected by many factors that make us neglect many areas for the well-being of our health such as exercise, a balanced diet and rest.

All this leads to the deterioration of our health over time, perhaps you have noticed in yourself, your relatives and friends, and we know how hard it is to feel and see who we love and appreciate suffering discomfort and health.

Aware of my own health conditions and those of my closest friends, I explore the search for a healthier, more effective and natural solution.

For nature has it there for us! To have relief and even Heal!

After having had an extraordinary turn of wellness with the use of my mixtures of essential oils … and apply it to my close ones for their conditions and they tell me Hey, how fantastic that formula! I want it! … I thought Why not share this with the world? This is what has made me decide to connect people with the healing power of plants and create the product line in Health Recup Formulas! Because I have worked!

And, Why Formulas? If essential oils are good for our health and there are hundreds of ingredients and each has its own potential benefits that can relieve us … then the combination of oils creates a more powerful effect than any individual oil.

With Health Recup, people are inspired to live healthier and happier lives, team members are inspired to contribute and make a difference, thereby creating a stronger and healthier community. We are a collective that builds a goal of wellness and total health to the natural.

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