Delivery & Sale Conditions

Delivery & Conditions of Sale
Read this document carefully as it contains the terms and conditions of sale to which compliance is required when using the online store “Health Recup Store”. The terms and conditions set forth below (the “Terms”) will apply to your use of the Health Recup Online Store and to all purchases you make through the Health Recup Online Store.
These Conditions shall govern the contractual relationship between you and Health Recup, LLC, a company domiciled in San Juan, PR, USA (hereinafter referred to as “Health Recup”, “Operator”, or “us”).
All queries, complaints or correspondence relating to these Conditions or to the Health Recup Online Store should be addressed to the contact details indicated on our contact page with us.
How to place an order
Criteria for placing orders:
You can only buy products:
• which are available for sale and whose details appear on the Health Recup Online Store;
• intended for personal use, whether your own or the recipients for whom you buy the products. Health Recup reserves the right to refuse any order of its choice (for example, when it considers that the order in question is intended to be subsequently sold by means other than the distribution channels authorized by Health Recup).
The details of the products available for purchase (including their corresponding price) are specified in the Health Recup Online Store. Health Recup will take all necessary and reasonable steps to ensure that all details, descriptions and product prices listed on the Health Recup Online Store are correct when the information is included in the Health Recup Online Store. While we will try our best to keep the Health Recup Online Store as up to date as possible, the information you provide at any given time may not always reflect the exact situation when you place an order.
Realization of Purchase Orders of Products and Conclusion of the Purchase Contract:

• Once you have selected the products you want to purchase, these products will be included in the shopping cart.
• At the end of the verification process, you will click on the “order summary” button to access the order summary page where you can identify and correct possible information errors.
• At the end of the order summary page, you must click on the “order delivery” button so that we receive a binding order.
• Only if enabled:
• Once you have clicked on the “order delivery” button, we will obtain an authorization from the company that sold your credit or debit card for the amount indicated on the order summary page. At this stage of the process, we will not detract funds from your card, although the balance available on your card will be reduced with authorization. This process is the usual procedure followed by banks. If your credit card is not authorized, the order will not be processed.
• Health Recup will send you an e-mail confirming the receipt of your product order, which does not constitute an automatic acceptance by our part of your order.
• Health Recup will send you a second e-mail accepting your product order and confirming that the products you have requested will be sent to you ( “Shipping Confirmation”).
• You and Health Recup will have entered into a contract of sale of the products requested by you once we have sent you the Confirmation of Delivery e-mail and in any case, however, when you receive the aforementioned products.
• The text of the contract of sale will be included in the e-mail of Confirmation of Shipment and will be stored by Health Recup although it will not be accessible to the Client after the conclusion of the contract.
Health Recup may, at its sole discretion, refuse the processing of the order, or be unable to proceed with such processing, in the following cases, without limitation:

• When the product requested by you has ceased to be manufactured or is not available;
• When the vendor of your credit or debit card does not authorize payment of the purchase price;
• When you do not meet the criteria for ordering specified at the beginning of this section.
Delivery conditions
Currently HEALTH RECUP uses the USPS mail system for small shipments. For other destinations, we coordinate directly with the customer to determine the method of shipment before charging your credit / debit card (if this method of payment is available). Large orders can not be shipped by air, and can only be shipped by truck and boat. For this reason, we usually coordinate the delivery to Puerto de San Juan in Puerto Rico and the client coordinates of any additional shipments. HEALTH RECUP can ship to PO Boxes as long as USPS shipment is accepted. If the customer requested HEALTH RECUP we can send the items through other methods such as USPS or UPS, the customer covering the additional expenses that this may entail.
The risk of loss and title to all merchandise ordered on this website happens to you when the merchandise is delivered to the shipping company / mail system.

Payment conditions
We only accept payments through Pay Pal
The prices that appear on the website of this HEALTH RECUP are expressed in US dollars and are valid and effective only within the United States, and these prices do not include shipping or sales taxes, if any, to be added At its total price of the invoice. You are responsible for the payment of any shipment and state and local handling costs of sales or usage taxes that may apply to your order. HEALTH RECUP charges sales tax for goods ordered on the HEALTH RECUP website based on the applicable sales tax rate of the state of the site where the order is being sent.
Only if it is enabled:
Payment by credit card is totally secure. The entire transaction is encrypted through a bank validation server using the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption protocol, thus, your credit card number and the date of Expiration are instantly encrypted on your computer before being sent to the SSL protocol. No one will be able to use your data without your authorization, since the information is unreadable. For greater security, this data is not stored on our server, so you must communicate all the information with each new order.
HEALTH RECUP will charge credit cards by hand (if this payment method is available). Therefore, the user can receive a telephone call regarding his order. Once everything is clear between the client and HEALTH RECUP, HEALTH RECUP will send an email to the client requesting approval of the budget. Once approved, the user’s credit card will be charged the amount ($ USD) that appears on the appointment. The charge on your bank card will be made at the conclusion of the contract of sale. HEALTH RECUP reserves the right to change its payment procedures at any time without prior notice.
Returns and Order Cancellation
Purchases made at Health Recup Online Store are final. The only conditions for the return of the order that follows are applicable without prejudice of the rights that legally assist you.

You may either (i) change your products, or (ii) obtain a full refund if such order products in your bottling, or roll-on system are damaged or defective once received, or if the products you receive Are not the ones that originally requested.

Ii. Return:
If you decide to return damaged or defective products or received an incorrect order, we will refund everything you have paid, therefore:
A) the total purchase price
B) the shipping costs that have been applied in this shipment
For this, we need you to return the products in perfect condition and the documentation of delivery of your order. If you do not return the products, we must charge the price of them.
I. Change:

When you change damaged or defective products or an incorrect order, we will send replacement items to you free of charge provided that we have previously returned the products of the order in the state in which you received them.

You can return your products, along with the delivery documentation, by mailing them. Please note that this documentation is necessary to benefit from the free return. The return of your money is made in the same payment method that you used when placing your order.
The estimated time for your refund is 14 days.

2: Sending of products and documentation to:

Health Recup
PO Box 12355
San Juan, PR
3. Customer Service
787-397-1319 / 787-944-5095

Shipping by mail:
1: Gather the Delivery documentation
• d. Delivery Documentation with Delivery Number
• e. The products you want to return.

When returning the goods by mail, remember:

A) It may take up to 7 days to receive your shipment.
B) Items returned will be processed within five (5) working days of receipt.
C) Be sure to correctly package the products; If they arrive damaged (as a result of the return shipping), we will not be able to process your return.

To return the products, you will need the following information:
A) A copy of your Order Confirmation e-mail indicating your Operation Reference Number
B) Delivery documentation including your Delivery Number

By returning the products by mail, we remind you that:

A) Your package may take up to 7 days to arrive;
B) The products (for: damaged or defective products or an incorrect order) will be processed within five (5) business days of receipt.
C) You must take the necessary precautions when packing the package and send it to us by mail so that the products are not damaged during the journey;
D) You must obtain and keep the postal receipt until you receive the refund or change.
We would like to keep you informed about new products and about our values and campaigns. To stay current, visit our website and click on “NEWS” at the top right of the page.
For more information contact us
E-mail: /
Postal address for returns by mail:
Health Recup
PO Box 12355
San Juan, PR
The return of your money (for: damaged or defective products or an incorrect order) is made in the same payment method that you used when placing your order.
The estimated time for your refund is 3 to 5 business days (please note that depending on your bank this term may be longer) since we have received the products you have returned.
General disposition
Health Recup reserves the right to:
• Modify or cancel, temporarily or permanently, the service provided through the Health Recup Online Store (or any part thereof) with or without notice. Health Recup shall not be liable to you or to other third parties for such modification or cancellation; I
• If, despite changes to the Terms and Conditions and / or Delivery Terms, you continue to use the service provided through the Health Recup Online Store (or any part thereof) after such modification, it shall be deemed to have given its agreement To that change. You will be responsible for checking the Conditions on a regular basis to determine if any changes have occurred. If you do not agree to any modification of the Terms and Conditions, you must stop using the Health Recup Online Store service immediately.
• In the event that Health Recup modifies these Conditions, your order will be subject to the Conditions in force on the date and time you placed your order. You can request a copy of the current version of the Conditions via e-mail to the address: mailto: http: //

In the event that any part of the Terms and Conditions is declared illegal or unenforceable, the affected provision shall be deemed eliminated and the remaining provisions of the aforementioned Terms and Conditions remain in full force and effect.
The sales contract entered into between you and our company shall be governed by United States law. Any dispute regarding the Terms and Conditions must be resolved in the courts of the place where the domicile is located.